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Countdown to Homecoming!

We can make it!

October 19th, 2008

Question? @ 11:09 pm

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Has anyone's husband ever worked for the Air Officers while over in Iraq?? B/c that's what mine's doing right now and I hardly get to hear from him. He hasn't called in over a month and he barely writes anymore; I just wonder if he really is *that* busy? I'm not being selfish wife right now... we were having some problems before and right after he left and I was just wondering if maybe he's purposefully avoiding me without telling me...

Any thoughts??

August 3rd, 2008

i wish he could call.... @ 11:22 pm

its so hard when they can't call for weeks. i haven't heard my husbands voice in like two weeks and its driving me crazy. four more months to go....

A little about me.... @ 11:11 pm

So, I'm 20 and moving back to Jacksonville, NC soon. I moved in with my parents while he was gone, but now I'm moving back. Probably late this month or in sept. He won't be home till November though.
I'm going to be looking for a job.
How many of you all are living in the Jacksonville area? I really don't know anyone there, so it would be cool to make some friends :)

I'm new here. @ 11:02 pm

1. Name: Katrina
2. Marine's Name: David
3. Wife, Fiance', Girlfriend: Husband
4. Where your marine is stationed: North Carolina
5. Where your marine is deployed to (dont be too specific, if Iraq, just say Iraq, if on a ship - dont say where): Iraq
6. How long have they been gone and how long are they gone for.: He's been gone since April this year.
7. How long have you been together:  It will be our one year anniversary in December
8. Pics:

April 28th, 2007

(no subject) @ 06:27 pm

So homecoming is next month!!!!! 

i wont be going to his base, Our little girl is just gonna be to young, and im still recovering from surgery, but i want to have our house ready for him when he flies to MA

so anyone know of any sites that make homecoming banners?

April 11th, 2007

Ladies.. help! @ 08:18 am

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Ladies.. I don't know what to do. I feel like I am losing my friend and I don't believe he sees that he is being a real jerk to me. I'm scared as hell to be honest with him because I don't want him to get angry and tell me to screw off. Any advice on how to deal with this?

April 9th, 2007

newbie @ 12:01 am

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1. Name: Jullie
2. Marine's Name: Nick
3. Wife, Fiance', Girlfriend: Girlfriend
4. Where your marine is stationed: Camp Lejeune, NC
5. Where your marine is deployed to (dont be too specific, if Iraq, just say Iraq, if on a ship - dont say where): Iraq
6. How long have they been gone and how long are they gone for: gone for over a week... gone for about 7 months :(
7. How long have you been together; a little over 9 months
8. Pics




I miss him terribly. i thought i'd be okay with this whole deployment but it's harder than i thought. I am having a harder time dealing with this and none of my friends don't understand. My friends that are involved with a marine too understand but it's still hard :( i hope i can to know everyone here and we can all help each other out get thru this :) 

**i''m sorry i can't do the cut thing and how the pics can just show up :( If you can help me out that would be kewl ;) thanks!

April 7th, 2007

(no subject) @ 11:26 pm

Dons trunks full of his stuff came today. Hopefully this means were a step closer to homecoming. And no more extentions. 

and to update, hes been there 7 months, and I am almost 42 weeks pregnant, im schedualed to be induced tuesday night. I was in the hospital mostly all of yesturday, because our little girl decided to go from head down to side ways and they had to manually turn her head down, that was a interesting feeling to say the least. 

Happy early easter to those celebrating.

Countdown to Homecoming!

We can make it!